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Announcing Alliance Bags. We are an advertising bag company, a division of the National Alliance of Home Education Leadership. We specialize in providing literature bags to homeschool conventions.

We understand how difficult it is to have your company represented at all of the home school conventions. Because of financial and staffing limitations, you cannot "do it all." There is a way, however, that can still give you a "hands-on" presence at these events without you actually having to be present--the economical, Alliance Bags Convention stuff bag.

Through the convention stuff bags, your advertising materials are placed directly into the hands of each family attending home school conventions and ancillary meetings designed to introduce parents to home schooling. These are contacts who have chosen and paid to attend a homeschool convention.

This is a once-a-year opportunity!

Because of our commitment to homeschoolers, we are selective in asking companies to participate in this vital role. Your company was directed here because a state homeschooling organization recommended you.

We are determined to include businesses that:

  • have earned a good name
  • combine serving with sales
  • demonstrate character in all visible areas
  • have been invited by state leaders

Beginning homeschool families may not be aware of the resources you offer. Other families are searching for new resources to supplement or replace current ones. These and other factors make stuff bags one of the most cost-effective direct marketing tools available to you. Your early and full participation aids us in planning. Thanks for entrusting us with your business.